Sawn wood

Sawn wood

Since its establishment, the firm has been producing sawn wood made of white and black pine. Every customer can come and make sure of quality and strength of pine sawn wood, as well as of raw material of which the material is turned.

Pine tree

Because of its characteristics, pine tree has wide application, especially in construction works. Pine tree is perfect construction wood. The wood is reddish- yellow color and it is very durable. Rings are expressed and resinous channels are tiny and numerous. Fresh wood smells well on resin. Pine is soft, medium hard, firm, it isn’t elastic and tightens a lot. It has low density, on average 520km/m3.

It is used for production of:

  • Building structures and roofs
  • Bridges and water structures
  • Wedges and washers in shipbuilding
  • Building joinery: windows, doors (especially buildings under monumental protection)
  • Furniture
  • Floors
  • Walls: massive walls and masonry paneling (paneling, half-forms)

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